Our Staff

Mrs. Catherine Gouldstone

Co-Head teacher

Mrs. Gouldstone has been the Head Teacher at North Marston Church of England Primary School since January 2007. She is our principal designated safeguarding lead. Alongside the responsibility of leading the other staff Mrs Gouldstone is responsible for Health and Safety, Worship, Religious Education (RE) and PSHE.

Mrs. Lucy Kent

Co-Head teacher / Assistant Headteacher

As well as being the deputy head teacher, Mrs. Kent has the responsibility of leading Literacy, teaching and learning, the wider curriculum and tracking and monitoring the assessment across the school. She is also an additional safeguarding lead.

Mr. Chris Armstead


Mr. Armstead is the KS1 Class Teacher. He is also responsible for supporting children with Special Educational Needs across the school and is an additional safeguarding lead. In addition his curriculum responsibilities include Physical Education (PE) and Music.

Mrs. Sam Manser


Mrs. Manser is the Reception Class Teacher. She is responsible for coordinating early years, forest school and art.

Miss Helen Giggins


Miss Giggins is the year 3 and 4 class teacher. Her curriculum responsibilities are science, DT and eco-schools.

Mrs. Rosie Mobsby


Mrs. Mobsby works in year 5 and 6 every Wednesday. She also oversees our pupils’ School Council.

Mrs. Emma Tebbutt


 Mrs. Tebbutt is our Y2 class teacher 4 mornings per week. She is also responsible for maths.

Mrs. Gill Little

Learning Support

Mrs. Little is a Senior Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 2. She also provides IT support across the school.

Miss Louise Smedley

Learning Support / Midday Supervisor

Miss Smedley is our morning club leader and forest school leader. She also works as a support assistant in year 3 and 4 and as a midday supervisor.

Mrs. Wendy Tarakowicz


Wendy is our Cleaner.

Mrs. Sue Bennett

Learning Support

Mrs. Bennett is the teaching assistant for our Y1 class and also a midday supervisor.

Mrs. Emma Kemp

Learning Suport

Mrs. Kemp is the teaching assistant in our reception class as well as a midday supervisor.

Mandy Putman

School Administrator

Lucy Price


Lucy is our Y5/6 teacher and has responsibility for computing.

Karen Hunter

Teaching Assistant

Karen is a teaching assistant in our Y5/6 class.

Laura Wragg

Office Administrator

Laura is our office administrator.

Elaine Jackson

Teaching Assistant

Elaine is the teaching assistant for our Y2 class in the mornings and our Y1/2 class in the afternoons. She is also a midday supervisor.