Curriculum Info


The breadth of our curriculum is designed with two main goals in mind:

  1. To provide all pupils with appropriate experiences that allow them to develop as confident, resilient and compassionate citizens with a clear understanding of justice for all; pupils that are prepared for life both within their local community and in the wider community and world.
  2. To provide a coherent, structured academic curriculum, carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression, which leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of understanding for those who are capable, through a highly inclusive environment.

It is our intent that the three main Christian values which our school embraces will drive and shape our curriculum and school. The three overarching values are:

  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Courage

Within each of these values there are two further values that support and drive pupils to achieve the two main goals:

  • Compassion โ€“ curiosity/cooperation
  • Justice โ€“ connectedness/clarity
  • Courage โ€“ confidence/creativity


Underpinned by our school values and drivers (including British values), our academic curriculum uses either the EYFS goals or the National Curriculum as the basis for content and expectations. It is structured so that progression of skills can be seen through each year group and Key Stage.

  • A curriculum overview states clearly what is covered in each year group
  • Skills progression shows how the values drive the skills and what this looks like with expectations for each year group

Some of our content is subject specific, whilst other content is combined in a cross-curricular approach.

Regular trips, visitors, themed days, events and clubs serve to enrich the intent of our curriculum further.


The impact of our curriculum is measured at the end of topic areas, where the vast majority of pupils will demonstrate sustained mastery of the content and skills (where they remember it all and are fluent in it) and some pupils will demonstrate greater depth of understanding.

We assess and track carefully to measure progress and ensure pupils are on track to reach expectations of our curriculum and age related expectations.

Success is measured not only through formal assessments, but through involving pupils and parents in regularly celebrating all forms of success; including sporting, non-academic and extra-curricular successes, with our values firmly at the heart.

End of Year Expectations

Expectations for end of Year 1

Expectations for end of Year 2

Expectations for end of Year 3

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Expectations for end of Year 6

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