Newsletter 23.09.20


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Contact/medical information

If there are any changes to your contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses, or your child’s medical information please can you advise the office ASAP. We need to be able to contact you should there be an emergency or to be able to take the correct actions should they become unwell.


As you know we have a policy regarding any term time absences. Holidays are not authorised and will be reported to Buckinghamshire County according to their guidelines. We have been asked by Buckinghamshire County to remind you that you need to be very mindful about taking holidays abroad in half term as COVID-19 cases are rising in many countries and many days of education will be lost if you have to self-isolate on your return. We are working very hard to help children to catch up on lost learning time and any further missed time will be even more detrimental.

Individual photographs

We hope that you are happy with your children’s photographs. Usually we would have had class group photos in the Autumn term, but these will now be done in the spring when the individual photographs were planned for. Some parents have said that they prefer this arrangement and would like it again next year. If you have a preference please let us know so that we can change next year if that is more popular.


We are very pleased to let you know that Katherine Du Plessis will be joining our Governing Body. We do now have an additional vacancy as Tim Buckley has come to the end of his term of office on the Governing Board. We would like to thank Tim very much for his support of the school and his role in developing links with the community. If you are interested in supporting the Governing Body, or would just like some more information regarding the role, please get in touch with us


It has been an unusual time for the PTA as so many of the fundraising events have not been able to run recently. This does mean, as with so many organisations, that our funds are running low, so the PTA are looking at alternative ways to raise money for the school.

They have purchased a tube of smarties for each child which they will bring home with them today. Once they have eaten/shared the contents they are asked to collect 20p coins to put in the tube. In 4 weeks time, ie the week before half term, please could you send the tube back to school, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t full as all contributions will make a difference.

Jeans for Genes

Thank you for supporting Jeans for Genes day. We raised £100 to send to the charity.


Friday 25th September- Macmillan cake sale


Best Wishes,

Cathy Gouldstone and Lucy Kent


Our value for this term is compassion.