Newsletter 08.01.21


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope you all managed to have a safe and quiet Christmas and New Year.

As you know we have been working tirelessly to keep the school safe and open to all children over the last term and it was our intention to do so this term. We started the week ensuring robust planning for a full reopening of school, as the very clear message we have received from the government since the last full lockdown was that schools (certainly primary schools) would remain open at all costs. Unfortunately, the Government’s decision to lockdown has not made this possible and with no notice at all we had to change our plans for learning.

This is an ever changing situation and as you know, we do not receive any pre notification from the Government about decisions in relation to Education provision during this pandemic.  As you are aware we closed on Tuesday to allow staff time to completely adapt what they had planned and put together some work for the last three days. Over the last three days they have been working hard both in school and at home to prepare for the coming weeks, including new resources and systems that we purchased last term, which will allow staff to support and monitor home learning more easily.


We will continue to keep you informed of how we are operating as we work through new ideas and processes but we have to be mindful of the very different positions that families are in and need to ensure that teachers also have a manageable workload to deliver fair access to all pupils.

Newsletters will be sent out each week to celebrate what the children are doing at home and at school, so please keep in touch with the teachers through the email system and weekly phone call with your child, to let us know how you are getting on and indeed if you need additional support.

Celebration certificates

Teachers will be highlighting the pupils’ work and effort with learning each week in the newsletter, and also sharing what they have been doing to demonstrate our key value of justice, with connectedness and clarity.


The PTA will be sending out a newsletter to share the results of their successful fundraising last term.


Happy Birthday to Emelia who celebrated her 6th birthday this week.


Mrs Gouldstone and Mrs Kent will be sending out recorded worship each week on a Monday and Friday. You will be able to find these on the school website, under the children’s tab in a folder labelled “Worship”. The children in school will watch them in class and pupils at home can watch them at a time that is convenient.

Easy Fundraising

Please remember that if you are ordering online many companies will donate a percentage of the cost to our school if you go through Easyfundraising. It is at no cost to you but benefits the school. Go to and register to donate to North Marston C E School

Amazon Wish List

We have added a few more items to the wish list on Amazon of books and resources which we are in need of. Should you wish to, you can purchase some resources for the school. We would be really grateful for any help you feel you could give. Please use the link

A big thank you for the items which we have already received.

Food allergies

Please be mindful that we have children in school with nut allergies. We ask that you do not put items with nuts or nut products into lunchboxes. Any break time snack which KS2 children bring must be fresh fruit or vegetables.

Best Wishes,

Cathy Gouldstone and Lucy Kent and all the staff at North Marston School.

Our value for this term is justice