Newsletter 22.01.21


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. This week sees the beginning of our weekly class meetings via Teams. Thank you for responding with your consent for your children to be involved. We hope that the children will make the most of this opportunity to meet with their classmates and see each other, all be it remotely. As a school, we are very mindful of everybody`s individual situations ie trying to juggle work from home, managing families and devices etc. As such, we are not planning to deliver “live” lessons, but to use the Teams platform as a means for posting the work for the week, for posting recorded explanations for lessons, for receiving completed work and giving feedback and for having weekly “meets” so the children can see each other and the class teacher. The time for the “live meet” will be indicated to parents on Friday ready for the following week – to allow for people to arrange their diaries to accommodate this if possible. The use of pre-recorded lessons/explanations/stories will allow for the child to listen to the recordings at a time that is convenient and indeed allow them to re-play any instructions if they don`t understand the first time. As staff become more familiar with what the Microsoft Teams platform can offer to us as a school, how we use it will continue to develop in the coming months.

Weekly phone calls

We will continue with the individual phone calls home to the children which are still proving most positive; it is lovely to hear the chat between staff and pupils. It is part of our statutory duties to ensure that we have contact with all pupils each week. We understand that the phone call may not be at a convenient time, but ask that you email or call back to let us know that all is ok. Please continue to keep in touch with us, we want to make this work as well as we can for the benefit of your children.


Mathletics is now up and running and we are really pleased with how well the children are engaging with it. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the class teacher who is there to help.


Happy Birthday to Gayatri who was 11 this week.

Celebration certificates


Abigail - has shown super determination every day towards her learning and has been working so hard with subtraction!

Barnaby - for writing some fantastic instructions independently on how to look after a dog!

Lyla - for trying so hard with handwriting and for practising her numbers each day! Well done!

Johnny - for working so hard with recognising our class key words!

Bert - for showing great courage towards new challenges!

Year 1

Eliza for a great effort with her written work

Evelyn for producing excellent descriptions of African scenery

Year 2

Frank: for some fantastic work in maths, displaying a clear understanding of multiplication.

Joseph: for a wonderful piece of writing, describing the main character in our class text.

Year 3/4







For their diary entries as Hogarth from The Iron Man.

Year 5/6

Gayatri for working independently at home and taking responsibility for her own learning

Roni fabulous suspense narratives to accompany the picture book “Flood”

Fruit and milk

The free fruit scheme has now recommenced, so children in reception, year 1 and year 2 will have a fruit or vegetable snack provided at break time. Any break time snack of fresh fruit or vegetables for children in KS2 will need to be sent to school with your child. Any children who are under 5 and eligible for free milk will have it provided from Monday 25th. Unfortunately any paid for milk will not be delivered from Cool Milk.

Joining hands

As a way of keeping mindful of each other and being part of our school community we are asking children to draw round their hand and decorate it. We will leave a box on the doorstep for children to drop off their designs and are happy for others to email them in. We will laminate these and join them along the railings outside school. Please send these next week.


Mrs Gouldstone and Mrs Kent will continue to deliver recorded worship. You will be able to find these on the school website, under the children`s tab in a folder labelled “Worship” and will be posted every Tuesday and Friday. The children in school will watch them in class and pupils at home can watch them at a time that is convenient.

Hot school meals

Hot school meals are now up and running in school and seem to be appreciated and enjoyed. Next week’s menus on the website. The children can order on the day if they want a hot lunch.

Easy Fundraising

Please remember that if you are ordering online many companies will donate a percentage of the cost to our school if you go through Easyfundraising. It is at no cost to you but benefits the school. Go to and register to donate to North Marston C E School

Amazon Wish List

We have added a few more items to the wish list on Amazon of books and resources which we are in need of. Should you wish to, you can purchase some resources for the school. We would be really grateful for any help you feel you could give. Please use the link A big thank you for the items which we have already received.

Food allergies

Please be mindful that we have children in school with nut allergies. We ask that you do not put items with nuts or nut products into lunchboxes.

We have been made aware that some children have been mixing with families and friends, please try and keep everyone safe by sticking to the rules so that we can welcome all pupils back to school as soon as possible.

Best Wishes, Cathy Gouldstone and Lucy Kent and all the staff at North Marston School.

Our value for this term is justice