Newsletter 26.05.20


Dear Parent/Guardian,

What a unusual first half of the summer term we have had, but well done everyone for keeping going.

The teachers have continued to provide support and guidance for your children’s learning and hopefully this has worked well for you. Thank you for your hard work and for keeping in touch.

The school has remained partially open for children whose parents are key workers or the family needs some additional support. This little group have been consistent and staff have enjoyed being able to help them in school.

Over the course of the last few weeks we have had more guidance on wider opening and have made preparations to take in children from YR, YR and Y6 from Monday 1st June, as well as continuing to provide for the key worker and vulnerable group. Which is ever increasing as more people are able to return to work. Thank you so much for your positive responses and support for us phasing the further opening of school to YR, Y1 and Y6.

Please be assured that we have done a lot of planning and reorganising to ensure that these children are welcomed back to school as safely as possible. Please may we take this opportunity to remind you of a few key points.

For those of you returning to school can we please ask that you bear with us in the respect that entering and leaving school will take longer (as it does now at all shops etc) due to queuing systems and observing social distancing. We do have clear systems in place, however, if we feel that they can be modified then we will do so and advise you accordingly.

Please can we ask that only one adult per family accompanies your child. We understand that it may be necessary to bring younger siblings or those of year groups not in school. Under those circumstances can you please ensure that pre-school children are in buggies, or held and that older children remain next to the adult at all times.

Due to social distancing and the use of numerous entrances/exits, can we please ask that you do not drive up the hill to school. Children and adults will be in the road and the addition of cars would make this extremely hazardous. Can we request that you please park courteously at the bottom of the hill and walk up.

The children are welcome to bring in their own packed lunch or they can take up the option of a packed lunch from the school meals provider. This will be a choice of ham, cheese or tuna roll, biscuits, fruit and a drink.

For those year groups not yet being invited back to school the teachers will continue to set work online as they have been doing over the past few weeks, but as they are all now in school supporting the children here, they may not be as available as they have been. Please do keep in touch though, they will get back to you.

For the children in the year groups who will have learning provided in school, I am sure that you will understand that creating additional plans and online support is increasing their workload greatly. They will provide guidance and links to online resources, and of course we have IXL maths and spelling practice and well as BBC bitesize.

If we get any directive to increase the number of children in school we will let you know how this will work. The capacity of space and staffing will be a challenge with reduced group sizes and increased social distancing.

I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and support that many of you have shown to the staff. It has been a challenging time for everyone and we appreciate the positive messages and tokens which have been sent.

We hope you have a restful half term break, and we look forward to seeing more of you soon.

Please take care and stay safe.

Best Wishes,

Cathy Gouldstone

Our value for this term is Courage.